BALAS Annual Conference

Each year BALAS with the relevant collaboration of a member School, hosts the BALAS Annual Conference. Regularly, over 100 participants from Business Schools and Organizations interested in Latin American Business attend the conference.  

Key Activities

Plenary Sessions / Keynote Speakers

Our plenary sessions feature keynote speeches from some of the world's most distinguished business academics and industry leaders. These sessions are designed to inspire and provoke thought by exploring the latest challenges and opportunities in the business world.

Parallel Sessions / Research Paper Presentations 

Selected researchers present their cutting-edge studies and findings in various business disciplines. These presentations are an opportunity to receive feedback, discuss methodologies, and identify potential for future research collaborations.

Doctoral Colloquium

Doctoral students can present their dissertation work, discuss their research ideas, and receive mentorship and feedback from established academics. This colloquium is an invaluable opportunity for the next generation of scholars to gain insight and support in their academic journey.

Meet the Editors

A unique opportunity to interact with editors from leading academic journals in business and management. Participants can learn about the publication process, submission guidelines, and what editors look for in a manuscript.

Paper Development Workshop (PDW)

BALAS’ Paper Development Workshop is an interactive forum for scholars to refine and improve research papers. Expert feedback from experienced scholars and journal editors ensures papers meet the high standards of academic publication, advancing knowledge in Latin American economic and business studies. Participants will learn how to enhance the clarity, rigor, and relevance of their research papers.

Teaching Case Development Workshop (TCDW)

The Case Development Workshop at BALAS equips authors to craft educational business cases with a Latin American focus. Participants learn to develop compelling narratives that encapsulate regional business complexities, enhancing teaching and learning experiences.

Panel Discussions

Engage in lively panel discussions led by experts who delve into current business issues, emerging trends, and academic debates. BALAS Panel Discussions facilitate a dynamic exchange on Latin American economic and business challenges. These panels foster an environment of knowledge exchange and offer diverse perspectives on complex business phenomena.

Networking Events

Structured networking events, such as luncheons, coffee breaks, and evening receptions, are woven throughout the conference schedule. These provide invaluable opportunities for attendees to build professional relationships and discuss collaborative projects.

Awards Ceremony

To honor outstanding contributions to the field, the conference concludes with an awards ceremony, recognizing exceptional research papers, presentations, and contributions to the field of business research.

Company Visits, Social and Cultural Excursions

Experience the business environment first-hand with company visits that provide insight into local and international business practices. Additionally, enjoy organized social and cultural excursions to experience the host city's unique cultural offerings and build camaraderie among attendees.

Why Attend?

Learn: Stay abreast of the latest research and trends in business.

Connect: Build a network with fellow researchers, educators, and industry professionals.

Share: Present your research and gain insights from peers.

Grow: Enhance your knowledge and skills through workshops and discussions.

Discover: Explore new cultures and experiences with international colleagues.

Join us for this transformative experience where academic exploration meets professional development in a collaborative, international setting. Register now and be a part of shaping the future of business research and practice!

Call for Hosting Proposals

Right now BALAS is receiving hosting proposals for 2026 and 2027 Annual Conferences, if your School is interested in hosting BALAS, please contact us at or directly to Ricardo Buitrago (President) and /or Yvonne Huertas (Executive Director)

Forthcoming Conference 2025:

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Call for Hosting Proposals 2026-2027

Schools interested in hosting BALAS in 2026 and 2027 should contact the association: balas@balas.orgor directly to Ricardo Buitrago (President) and /or Yvonne Huertas (Executive Director). 


2024 - Sao Paulo, Brazil

2023 - Mexico City, Mexico 

2022 - Lisbon / Carcavelos, Portugal 

2021 - Online Conference

2020 - Online Conference

2019 - Lima, Peru

2018 - San Diego, CA, USA

2017 - Santiago, Chile

2016 - Guayaquil, Ecuador

2015 - San Juan, Puerto Rico

2014 - Port of Spain, Trinidad y Tobago

2013 - Lima, Peru

2012 - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

2011- Santiago, Chile

2010 - Barcelona, España

2009 - Guadalajara, Mexico

2008 - Bogota, Colombia

2007 - San Jose, Costa Rica

2006 - Lima, Peru

2005 - Madrid, Spain

2004 - Wellesley, MA, USA

2003 - São Paulo, Brazil

2002 - Tampa, FL, USA

2001 - San Diego, CA, USA

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