2019 Annual Conference - Lima, Peru

Lighting the Future in Latin America in Times of Uncertainty: Fostering Innovation And Employability

Hosted by the University ESAN

Program Chair: Jose Antonio Robles-Flores

ESAN (Lima, Peru) held the annual conference Business Association of Latin American Studies (BALAS 2019)

With the objective of promoting innovation and creation of new ideas as a solution for common problems that affect the region on these uncertain times, BALAS and ESAN held this meeting that seeks to encourage in business schools, in societies and their citizens, the creation of alternative solutions, through the progress of successful investigations cases, that contribute to the development and productive growth of Latin America.

Jorge Talavera Traverso, rector of the ESAN University, manifested that this meeting represents a great opportunity to work with such an important North American association which gathers academics from all over the world, interested on investigations, both rigorous and relevant, oriented towards Latin America. 

“Having professionals that meet BALAS' level is really important for ESAN and for the region, especially for the southern region of our continent. It is an opportunity to meet them, integrate them, to network and take advantage of the know how they bring. It’s not only important for ESAN as an organizer, but also for all the business schools and their professors to meet investigators on a global level, interested in Latin America, to develop joint publications and explore collaboration options with other institutions throughout members of BALAS”, expressed Talavera. 

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