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A venue for Junior and Senior Academics to Explore their Research Interests:

Every year, faculty members set their goals to publish research papers in academic journals of their preference, and of course, with the highest possible rankings. It is a way of life typical of those academics with infinite intellectual curiosity. The rigors and tribulations inherent in the process are embraced as a necessary step in the path to successful publication. 

To get there, academics usually connect with a conference venue such as BALAS, one that promotes scholarly communication with peers, positive and constructive scrutiny, interpretations and fresh enlightening feedback that unexpectedly come across from colleagues with common interests. The particular style of research and writing of academics somehow become part of their scholarly identity that prompts conversations by means of their published work, whether as conference proceedings or peer reviewed journals. Do you find yourself in this description?

BALAS has collaborative agreements, and is further working on achieving other partnerships, with various prestigious academic peer reviewed journals, with rankings from Q1 to Q4, to suit the preferences, needs, and expectations of both junior and senior academics. There is a world of opportunities for all academics in all stages of their publication process in BALAS conferences. We invite our community of BALAS scholars to visit our webpage under the link of publications to get familiarized with our associated journals, and the CLADEA-BALAS Case Consortium, and be inspired to publish!

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