BALAS Award Program
Updated October 2018


The association sponsors an award program designed to recognize and encourage outstanding scholarship and research in the area of Latin American business activities.  To receive these awards the manuscripts must be selected to appear in the annual conference proceedings as a full paper and be presented at the annual meeting by one or more of the authors.

The final selection of the papers to receive the awards is the responsibility of the Chair of the Awards committee, utilizing input from his/her committee members and comments from the conference track chairs and paper reviewers.


According to the BALAS Constitution updated 2017, Article VI, Section 5: The Awards Committee, under the direction of the President-Elect, shall administer, select and present the various awards the Association may sponsor. The chair of the Awards Committee shall also appoint a minimum of two additional members to carry out the committee's responsibilities.

Awards may be sponsored by individuals or institutions for a five-year period. Fee is $2,500 or $500/year.

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