BALAS Award Program
Updated  Sept. 2020


The association sponsors an award program designed to recognize and encourage outstanding scholarship and research in the area of Latin American business activities.  To receive these awards the manuscripts must be selected to appear in the annual conference proceedings as a full paper and be presented at the annual meeting by one or more of the authors.

The final selection of the papers to receive the awards is the responsibility of the Chair of the Awards committee, utilizing input from his/her committee members and comments from the conference track chairs and paper reviewers. The chair of the Awards Committee shall also appoint a minimum of two additional members to carry out the committee's responsibilities.

 Sponsored Awards

Awards may be sponsored by individuals or institutions for a five-year period. Fee is $2,500 or $500/year. There are five BALAS awards:

  • BALAS Presidential Best Academic Paper Award
  • Luis Sanz Best Student Paper Award
  • Lourdes Casanova Best Applied Paper Award
  • University of San Diego Business School Best Corporate Social Responsibility Paper Award
  • Florida International University Best Doctoral Presentation Award 

BALAS 2020 Awards

On this occasion, we are recognizing nominees as well as winners. Congratulations to all!

AWARDS Authors, Paper
FIU Best Doctoral Colloquium Presentation Award Jesus Juyumaya, Big data and predictive analytics for work engagement, job satisfaction and performance
Nominees Marina Santucci, Interorganizational relations in technological districts
  Anne Marie Zwerg, Diversity and satisfaction in global virtual teams
Luis J. Sanz Best Student Paper Award (sponsored by INCAE) Anne Marie Zwerg-Villegas, César Bernal-Torres, Ulf Thoene, Luz Elena Guzmán-Ibarra and Efraín Torralba-Chávez,  Diversity, innovation, and internationalization: Complementary or competing activities in Latin America?
Nominees Enrique Ogliastri, Carlos Quintanilla and Ramiro Caso, Expats perceptions of integrative/ distributive negotiation strategies: a latent class analysis in Latin America 
  Cristobal Barra, Vicente Marin and Jorge Moyano,  Artist Name Infusion and Luxury Perceptions: Expanding the Use of Art in Branding
Lourdes S. Casanova Best Applied Paper Award Rodrigo Heldt, Fernando Bins Luce and Sarang Sunder, Customer-centricity in a product-centric marketplace: a bottom-up approach to customer, brand, and category management
Nominees Wilian Feitosa, Carlos Eduardo Lourenço, Ligia Rezende, Henrique Campos Jr and Noemi Sunago, An experimental approach to analyzing sex appeal and gender in advertising
  Norma Ortiz, Carlos Jaramillo, Urbi Garay, and Diego Tellez, Why do multinational companies deconsolidate operations in a country?
University of San Diego, Best Paper on Business and Corporate Social Responsibility, Social Impact & Social Innovation Patricia S. Sánchez-Medina, René Díaz-Pichardo and Joseph S. Guevara-Flores, Gender and Sustainability in Latin American Artisan Family Businesses
Nominees Ezequiel A. Reficco, Jaén María Helena, Carlos Trujillo, Jako Volschenk and Azlan Amran, Are emerging countries walking their talk? The internalization of responsible management education in Asia, Africa and Latin America
  Mario Vázquez Maguirre, Humanistic management that benefits the community: Evidence from Social Enterprises in Mexico, Guatemala and Perú.
Universidad de Los Andes Best Teaching Case Award Felipe Pérez Pineda, Esteban R. Brenes and Joseph Acuña, Eco-granjas “Michín”, S.A. de C.V. 
Nominees Luíza Fonseca, Angela da Rocha and Paula Sirimarco, Developing a global niche: The case of 
  Fernando Nogueira, Malu Villela and Elisa Larroude, Combio and the ACAI puzzle
BALAS President´s Award for Best Academic Paper Marcos Gomez, Catalina Bastias, Alvaro Espejo, Wenceslao Unanue, Frank Martela and Diego Bravo. The virtuous cycle of prosocial behavior and perceived prosocial impact in organizations
Nominees Shoeb Mohammad and Bryan Husted, The Effect of Skilled Labour Scarcity on Law-abiding Organizational Climates in Emerging Markets: Evidence from Mexico
  Esteban R. Brenes, Gabriel Rodríguez-Portuguez, Joseph Acuña and Yadira Villalobos, Neuropsychological profile of entrepreneurs
  Juan Pablo Torres, José Ignacio Barrera and Gonzalo Valdes, Innovation Processes in Latin American Firms: A Dynamic Capability approach

Previous Year Winners

Please check the document below for a list of Award Winners of Previous BALAS Conferences

BALAS Award Recipients.pdf 

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