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Why a collection of pedagogical cases in Latin America?

There is a critical need to produce quality teaching materials anchored in Latin- and Ibero-American businesses and markets. Examples, stories, and experiences from developed economies are valuable but are not always applicable to the realities of emerging and Latin- and Ibero-American markets. In this sense, having a collection of teaching cases based on the realities, circumstances, and environments that businesses and organizations face in our region is very relevant, particularly given the central role cases play in business education and training.


The CLADEA-BALAS Case Consortium (CBCC) emerged in response to this situation. Our objective is to create a collection of high-quality cases that mainly promote the discussion of the dilemmas faced by our institutions, which come from student training schools in Latin- and Ibero-America. Learn more about CBCC here.

Editorial Board

The CBCC is governed by an Editorial Board, which includes a representative from each school in the consortium, a representative from CLADEA, and a representative from BALAS. The CBCC has an Editorial Director, elected by the Editorial Board, who is in charge of the administration of the collection and is the consortium's interlocutor with the public, supported by an Editorial Coordinator.

    Editorial Review Process

    Our portfolio of reviewers consists of academics with experience as writers and reviewers of teaching cases. Each case is reviewed by two reviewers linked to a different institution than the authors. Once the reviewers approve the texts, they are subjected to a style review by a professional proofreader and, finally, translated before publication. All cases are published in English and a second language (Spanish or Portuguese).

    Due to our robust quality control standards, including a double-blind review process with international standards, our cases can be published and distributed globally through the most crucial international pedagogical case channel: the Harvard Business Publishing website (HBP).

    Teaching Case Track at BALAS

    For this reason, each year, the best case or cases presented at the annual conference (are) selected for publication in this collection, part of the Harvard Case Collection. Authors must submit their cases and teaching notes and present them at the conference to be considered in the selection process.

    New Release: Teaching Case Development Workshop (TCDW)

    Due to the grand reception of teaching case submissions and interest in publication with the CBCC, since the BALAS 2024 annual conference, we have released a call for a teaching case development workshop.

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