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New launching from the BALAS 2024 Annual Conference at FGV, Sao Paulo, Brazil

RAE & Management Research

Submission Deadline: April 30th, 2024

The Paper Development Workshop (PDW) is an integral component of the BALAS Annual Conference, specifically tailored for researchers aiming to refine their work and achieve publication in indexed academic journals.

Expert Guidance for Your Manuscript

Our PDW offers a unique opportunity to receive individualized feedback from experienced scholars and journal editors who are familiar with the standards of high-impact journals. This session is designed to help you navigate the publication process, enhance the quality of your research, and increase the likelihood of acceptance by peer-reviewed journals.

Interactive and Constructive Reviews

During the workshop, you will:

  • Present your paper to a group of peers and experts.
  • Engage in a constructive review process, where you'll receive detailed and actionable feedback.
  • Discuss various aspects of academic writing, including clarity, argumentation, methodology, and theoretical contribution.

Focus on Rigor and Relevance

The PDW places a strong emphasis on both the rigor of academic research and its relevance to contemporary issues in Latin American business and economics. Whether your work is empirical or theoretical, qualitative or quantitative, our workshop will help you fine-tune your paper to meet the publishing criteria of scholarly journals.

Pathway to Publication

Workshop participants will gain insights into:

  • The editorial process and how to effectively respond to reviewer comments.
  • Strategies for positioning your paper to appeal to a journal's readership.
  • Identifying the most suitable journals for your research.

Networking with Editors and Scholars

The PDW also provides a platform for networking with journal editors and fellow researchers. This interaction not only helps in the current paper development process but also builds connections that can be invaluable for your future research endeavors.

Call for Paper Proposals

The Annual BALAS Conference announces its first Paper Development Workshop (PDW) in collaboration with RAE-Revista de Administracao de Empresas and Management Research: Journal of the Iberoamerican Academy of Management. The PDW will be held in São Paulo, Brazil, as part of the conference program for the BALAS 2024 Annual Conference. Organized by Professor Jorge Carneiro, RAE´s editor-in-chief (EIC), the PDW involves several Editors and Editorial Review Board (ERB) Members.

RAE is an internationally acknowledged journal, was launched in 1961 and was then one of the first Brazilian scientific journals in business administration. RAE’s mission is to encourage an international community of academics from developing countries to create, improve and test theories – and business practices based on them – aligned with its reality and focused on the new times.

Management Research (MRJIAM), the official journal of The Iberoamerican Academy of Management (an affiliate of the Academy of Management), provides a rigorous forum for the publication of high-quality peer-reviewed articles covering all major disciplines in management with an interest in Iberoamerican issues.

The purpose of the PDW is to provide scholars with critical and constructive feedback on their current research papers to improve the quality of the research published from and about Latin America and the Caribbean. We invite original papers from scholars who have or have not previously published in RAE and Management Research. These papers accepted for the PDW will be invited for a fast-track submission. The PDW will be structured to provide extensive feedback to authors whose research papers have been accepted by the workshop organizers.

PDW session

The PDW will be structured in 3 moments. First, a 90-minute introductory session led by members of the editorial team will discuss the review process and topics relevant to authors seeking to publish in RAE or other internationally acknowledged Journals. Second, during a 90-minute main session, groups of two authors will be paired with groups of two Editors/ERB Members, where each individual paper will receive attention from each paired Editor/ERB Member. The focus will be on how to improve the papers discussed so as to increase the probability of acceptance by RAE and/or by Management Research. Third, several Editors/ERB Members will provide insights into their personal publication strategies and pathways for sustained, successful scholarship.

Deadline and Submission Requirements

Only a limited number of manuscripts will be accepted for the PDW. Please note that each applicant should submit only one paper. The deadline for submissions is April 30th. Your manuscript should be sent through email to RAE (

Submitted papers must follow the RAE Style Guide (

Submitting authors will be notified of the results of the review process with previous feedback on their paper by May 15th and will need to confirm their participation in the PDW by May 24th. A new and revised version of the paper should be submitted by June 5th.

Please note that authors will need to register for the BALAS conference in order to participate in the PDW. Also, note that authors can submit the same paper or a revised version of the paper they have already submitted to BALAS 2024 for this PDW.

The PDW will run on the morning of the last day of the BALAS 2024 Conference, June 21st.

Jorge Carneiro

Editor-in-Chief, RAE & PDW Organizer

Fundação Getulio Vargas – EAESP, Brazil

Fernando R. Serra

Associate Editor, Management Research

Universidade Nove de Julho – UNINOVE, Brazil

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