Institutional Members - Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola (USIL)

Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola´s philosophy is focused on providing new generations of business professionals with an education that includes sound professional training and the development of an entrepreneurial mentality and international background.

Executive Offices of CLADEA (Latin American Council of Management School) have been located at USIL from 2001 until 2006.

San Ignacio de Loyola Organization was founded in 1969 and the University was establish in 1995. USIL emphasis on high ethical standards and a sense of social responsibility developing the student's academic formation and taking into consideration the professional profile that is needed for a country immersed in a global economy.

The majors focus on managerial and corporate vision. USIL´s curriculum includes such areas as Finance and Foreign Trade, as well as teaching English as a core course for all majors, to ensure that all of our graduates are proficient in the English language.

USIL Majors:

Business Management
Its goal is to prepare professionals with a whole outlook of organizations in order to coordinate with people and manage capital and technology in the best possible way. These professionals are capable to respond to the new business trends with solid business knowledge, which allows them to develop and manage organizations of several sizes.

Communication Sciences and Technologies
These professionals are capable of designing and managing communications systems, managing and implementing a communication culture in organizations, producing and broadcasting messages as well as researching, analyzing and evaluating produced messages.

Hospitality Management
This career prepares professionals   to manage service companies such as hotels, restaurants, clubs, hospitals, etc.., The program prepares our students to work in a highly competitive and globalize market through the support of the Educational Institute of the American Association of Hotels. Likewise, they are able to manage, develop and implement investment projects successfully.

Administration in Tourism
It prepares professionals   to create and/or increase tourist development in Peru and in foreign countries (USA, Brazil, Mexico, Spain, Cuba, etc). As members of "Business Board" of the World Organization of Tourism, we prepare our students to succeed in international competitive environment as businessmen and developers of business of tourism.

Corporate Graphic Art and Design
This career prepares enterprising and creative professionals with an integral academic knowledge in digital, editorial, advertising and environmental design. Our professionals are qualified to analyze, evaluate, design and develop visual communication projects with the highest technology as well as face strategic and management planning.

This career prepares   specialists with a high level of sophistication in the mastery of analytical, managerial and financial tools in order to investigate, understand and solve problems. Areas of professional development of our graduate students include management, consulting and research, and business consulting in the private sector, government agencies or multilateral organisms. Our program differs from others by its personalized scheme of training for each student.

Agribusiness Engineering
Professionals are able to create and lead companies related to the conservation of vegetal and animal products, applying and developing new techniques, which will preserve the environment.

Information Technology Engineering
This career prepares professionals with the knowledge of necessary techniques to analyze, design and manage information systems and technologies. They are oriented to generate technological solutions that will help manage businesses and make decisions through an efficient use of the information.

This program prepares enterprising and creative professionals with a deep knowledge of marketing and business strategies. They are trained   to identify, evaluate and analyze market needs and requirements, establishing what segment to meet, what position to adopt and therefor designing goods and services that will satisfy people requirements.

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