Institutional Member - International School of Business and Marketing – Prime Business School, Universidad Sergio Arboleda

Universidad Sergio Arboleda was established in 1984 in Bogota D.C. as a private university and as a not-for-profit institution, with the intention to form and educate students with values, where the knowledge could be complemented with the development of human beings with culture and ethics. In 1994, a new campus was established in city of Santa Marta, following the vision and the mission stated 10 years ago. Today, the campus of Bogota has 17 undergraduate programs, 25 specializations programs, 8 masters program and a doctorate program, and executive education programs organized in 7 schools; and the campus of Santa Marta has 5 undergraduate programs, 8 specialization programs, and executive education programs.

The business school, called International School of Business & Marketing began in 1991, and now includes the following undergraduate programs:

  • Finance and International Trade
  • Corporate Management
  • Marketing and International Business
  • Accountancy
  • Business Logistics
  • Business Administration
  • International Trade

With the trends of the market and the need of professionals to continue its education progress, the business school established the next Masters under the postgraduate school called PRIME Business School:

  • Master of Business Administration – MBA
  • Master of International Trade – MIT
  • Master of Financial Management –MFM
  • Executive Master of Business Administration – EMBA

To make a bigger impact PRIME includes through its world-class faculty, dynamic learning, and alliances with international partners, opportunities to incubate ideas and solutions, develop business and create wealth, and particularly generate new value for the company, society and the world, with the resulting personal benefit that entails.

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