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Uniempresarial is a foundation of the Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá, whose purpose is to train, educate and instruct ethical and competent human talent so that they may contribute to the productivity of the companies in Bogotá and its surroundings.

Uniempresarial implements a brand new pedagogically harmonized model that develops competences in both the classroom and the sponsoring companies as learning scenarios committed to students, the business organizations and the Uniempresarial academic staff.

The educational system developed by Uniempresarial has revolutionized education at the tertiary level for the last three decades in Germany, and is being used in European countries such as Spain, France, etc.   The strategic partners of the Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá are the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Colombia and Germany together with the German Corporation for Development (GTZ).      

Uniempresarial offers to instruct human talent through a brand new pedagogically harmonized model based on the specific needs of each enterprise. Such objective is achieved by perfectly matching an outstanding academic instruction to a rigorous training in the companies, which in turn takes advantage of the educational model to nourish the domestic labor market.     

Uniempresarial students attend classes during seven complete semesters   in which students attend three (3) months of classes acquiring and developing skills on a specific subject, then the students spend the other three (3) months perfecting those skills in a real-life experience while working for the sponsoring company.

Uniempresarial is the first educational institution in Bogotá that holds the Quality Certificate ISO 9001-2000 for its academic programs, awarded by CERTQUA, the best known quality certification institution of professional programs in Germany and Europe.

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