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The mission of the School of Business of the Universidad de las Américas, Puebla is to prepare qualified professionals, entrepreneurs and leaders in areas related to business administration. The undergraduate programs offered are: Business Administration, Finance and Accounting, Marketing, International Business and Hotel and Restaurant Management. Master's degrees are offered in Business Administration, Financial Management and Auditing, Marketing and International Business and, in distance education using the Internet, the Masters in Business Administration and the Masters in Corporate Finance.

The School of Business educates nearly 300 professionals every year, giving its graduates the ability to function successfully in positions in areas compatible with their studies, based on their capacity, leadership and international approach. In order to fulfill its objectives, the faculty of the School of Business has ample professional and academic experience, they are constantly in training to update their knowledge by going to congresses, studying specializations and graduate courses.

The School of Business also has two centers: the Communications and Business Contact Center whose objective is to maintain the schools presence in academic and business forums; and the Center for International Business, in association with the National Bank for Foreign Trade, S.N.C. (BANCOMEXT in Spanish), which promotes and supports activities related to international business.

The Department of Business Administration offers the program for an undergraduate and masters degree in Business Administration. These programs have been designed to develop the students' analytical and strategic capacities and knowledge that will allow then to achieve internal effectiveness of a company and thus higher performance.

In the Department of Finance and Accounting, we believe that it is indispensable to significantly improve the role that accountants play in companies as well as in international accounting firms. Because of this, we offer an innovative degree program that has two areas of concentration: Higher Management and External Consulting; the department also offers a Masters in Finance and Auditing, all in a context of moral commitment to society.

The Department of Hotel and Restaurant Management offers an undergraduate program with special emphasis in areas like hotel management and operations, food and beverage services, marketing, accounting and finance, systems management, legislation and languages. The department has several specialized laboratories including: foods, with vanguard equipment and technology; and the lodging laboratory which has seventeen fully equipped rooms.

The Marketing Department is proud to offer this program and thus satisfy the market's needs in this field at the same time that the quality of the program allows for increased enrollment and well-educated graduates who are able to demonstrate the talent of a graduate of UDLA.

The program for International Business was created as an answer to the obvious tendency of businesses to be more involved in globalization and the new challenges that this trend has brought in terms of the abilities and knowledge of their management and executive personnel.

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