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First launched Spanish Online Business School (2001) ISEAD provides quality higher education to professionals and entrepreneurs in a Global Campus (offices in Madrid, Miami and Bogotá). Quality in education has been the premise of the “Instituto Superior de Educación, Administración y Desarrollo (ISEAD) and makes it a recognized benchmark for Online higher education.

ISEAD Online software technology allows students to interact with professors and peers on a daily basis. Students “feel” closely the company and guidance of their teachers and mentors. ISEAD methodology combines continued student progress in understanding the program technical content with the development of managerial skills and strategic thinking, through an intensive participating teaching and learning method in the web. ISEAD promotes high interaction amongst participants from different countries and cultures. Trainers and students are connected in real time. Teaching breaks barriers that recently hindered or precluded the transfer of practical knowledge across professionals. Interaction makes students feel less inhibited than in a classroom context, promoting greater involvement and higher exchange of experiences and views. Quality of training and education at ISEAD is based on Faculty quality. Faculty have at least five years of full-time business experience. In addition, ISEAD continues to incorporate new faculty members from different countries searching for wider international backgrounds.

The school is supported by the Quality Certification ISO9001: 2000 awarded by the British Standard Institute (BSI) - Quality Agency and the UK (UKAS). ISEAD is a member of Cladea, AACSB and PRME.

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