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INCAE is a non-profit, multinational, private, higher-education organization devoted to teaching and research endeavors in the fields of business and economics aimed at training and instructing, from a worldwide perspective, individuals capable of successfully holding top management positions in Latin America.

The business community and the governments of the Central American nations, as an initiative, founded INCAE in 1964. Since its inception, the institution has had the technical supervision of the Harvard Business School.

INCAE is presently devoted to three key activities:

  • Masters programs in areas critical for Latin American development.
  • Executive training programs and seminars.
  • And research projects on competitiveness in the region. INCAE has an applied approach combining the best practice and the world’s frontier of knowledge with the realities in Latin America.

Our Mission

INCAE’s mission is to actively promote the comprehensive development of the countries served, enhancing leadership skills within the key sectors by improving management practices, attitudes, and values:

  • Through research, teaching, and the dissemination of management concepts and techniques;
  • By strengthening analytical capacities and comprehension with respect to economic, social, and political processes; and,
  • By promoting understanding, dialog, and cooperation among individuals, sectors, and countries.

Since its inception, INCAE has aimed at embracing the same standards of excellence held by the best business schools around the world. Our close relationship with Harvard Business School has allowed INCAE to adapt its academic contents and teaching methodology, while developing its own identity. At the outset of a new millennium our commitment remains in full force: develop management leaders who will turn Latin America into a thriving, competitive region at world level.

Day by day INCAE asserts its world-class nature. As a result of our academic excellence, we have received accreditation from AACSB, EQUIS, and SACS. With this, INCAE asserts itself as a member of the selected group of world-class business schools. The best proof of our success in meeting our mission, however, is our alumni. Currently this group is a synonym of business success, actively contributing to the development of Latin America through their education and foresight.

If your goals include a place of leadership in society, a top-quality higher education, a network of international personal contacts, and an interesting, motivating position then you are invited to explore in depth the opportunities provided by INCAE to help you achieve these objectives.


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