Institutional Members - School of Economics, Business and Accounting of the University of São Paulo (FEA/USP)

After almost sixty years of existence, FEA- the School of Economics, Business and Accounting of the University of São Paulo is still a young school, fruit of well-succeeded partnerships that have weaved its identity over the years.

The partnership between teachers, students and employees has been responsible for the formation of generations of active professionals and citizens; out of its studies and research, knowledge about the Brazilian society was created. The partnership with international and national institutions, with the accompanying exchange of faculty and students, granting double diplomas for graduate and undergraduate students, and the realization of joint studies, inserts FEA in a globalized world.

The Business Administration Department of FEA has 75 faculty members, 1.200 undergraduate students and 321 graduate students. The Business Department has a post doctoral program with 50 students.

The Business Graduate program received in 2004 the highest grade from the Ministry of Education in Brazil. There are hundreds of programs but only 3 achieved the top grade.

The Executive MBA of FIA - Fundação Instituto de Administração is the only MBA in Latin América ranked in the Financial Times. FIA is a proved Foundation associated with the Business Administration Department of FEA. The partnership with FIA is responsible for a large part of the extension activities - studies, consulting, permanent education programs. As a core of articulation in this network of partnerships, FEA constitutes a center of excellence integrated into USP. Being an international reference point, it aims to provide permanent contributions to the Brazilian society.

One of the challenges of the Administration course is permanent updating through the newest management and planning techniques. The Brazilian economy´s entry in the global market, which is characterized by competition among countries, has to include the formation of highly competent and socially responsible managers. In order to fulfill this role, FEA possesses one of the most complete and updated Administration courses in the country in accordance with the latest tendencies, methods and techniques in the sector.

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