Institutional Members - UNIVERSIDAD ANÁHUAC

The University Anáhuac México Sur (UAMS) is part of the Anáhuac Network, which is an international network of catholic universities; we share an integral educative and personalized model that seeks to form men and women of diverse religions and cultures as leaders of positive action, with an international vision and committed with society’s development. We offer undergraduate programs, graduate programs and executive education.

The UAMS has obtained diverse recognitions that certify its academic quality.  Among the received recognitions we can mention: “The Institution of Academic Excellence” given by the highest regulatory organism of education in Mexico, the Ministry of Public Education, and this recognition was given in 2007, placing us as one of the best universities in Mexico.
Besides the academic excellence, the UAMS offers its students an intensive university’s life through four axes: Student’s Relationships, Culture, Sports, and Social Action. The University is located at the south of Mexico City, near to the neighborhood of San Ángel and it has a unique campus with lots of gardens and a spectacular panoramic view.

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