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Locale:  Barranquilla is a multicultural city, known as the Golden Gate of Colombia and is located in the northern coast of Colombia. Barranquilla is one of the mayor cities of Colombia due to its population and economy.  Weather: warm/hot all year round.  Population:  1.9 million approximately.  Transportation: Accessible Public Transportation and International Airport.

Academic Information:

Uninorte´s academic year consists of three terms: the first semester starts in January (end) until May (end), and the second semester starts in July (end) until November (end).  Additionally, Uninorte offers an intensive summer term from June to July.  Note: During the summer term, Uninorte does offer the full array of courses.  However, special study abroad programs are designed for partner universities.

Academic Exchange Programs:

The academic exchange program offers international students the possibility of taking regular academic courses. As part of their program, they are encouraged to enroll in Spanish courses which help students improve their oral and written communication abilities and courses related to Caribbean culture, literature and history with credit recognition.

The regular academic courses depend on students´ field of study and personal interests. To learn more about our academic programs and courses, visit the link:

Our School, in agreement with the objectives and principles that lead Uninorte, defines its mission as the integral training of people at higher educational level; and the contribution to the community development through maintaining presence in the Caribbean Coast and the country.
We work towards educating students in terms of developing their ability to analyze situations and to suggest ethical action plans. They should be able as well to suggest innovative ideas that are both socially responsible and that place businesses in an internationally competitive position.   We train students committed with their Region.
Through teaching, research and executive education, we enhance among our professors, students and alumni the analysis and research of the business context and the community of our Region.
ü  Latin American Council of Business Administration Schools, CLADEA
ü  Membership EFMD
ü  Colombian Association of Administration Faculties, ASCOLFA
ü  The Business Association of Latin American Studies, BALAS
ü  The World Association for Case Method Research & Application
ü  CNA Accreditation of the Business Administration Program
ü  CONACES Accreditation, MBA


BA in Business Administration
BA in International Business
Master in Business Administration (MBA)

Language and Spanish for Foreigners Programs:

Students will need good proficiency in Spanish.  If needed, students can participate in the Spanish for Foreigners Program through Uninorte´s Language Institute during Carnivals and our Summer Term.  Also, private Spanish lessons can be arranged.  Visit our Language Institute’s web page for
further information and fees:

Contact Information:

Dr. Diego Cardona Madariaga, PhD, Msc
School of Business

Luis Javier Sánchez Barrios, MSc, MBA
Academic Director
School of Business

Natalia Varela Donado, BA
Administrative Assistant
School of Business

Telephone: 57 5 3 509 398

For additional information:


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