Institutional Members - Universidad Panamericana, Campus Guadalajara

Guadalajara campus of the Universidad Panamericana is one of the four units that this University has in Mexico, the other two which offer major degrees are in Mexico City and Aguascalientes. IPADE is the business school of the University; their studies are offered only for graduates students or executive managers. The Guadalajara campus began in 1981 with 83 students. Currently there are more than 3000. Alumni are more than 10,000. They contribute with their daily work and social engagement, to build the prestige of our university. Most of them are prestigious professionals, executives or entrepreneurs.
Guadalajara campus has 18 major degrees, various specialties and postgraduate studies grouped these into in four different schools: management of institutions, engineering, humanities and entrepreneurial studies.

Educate people through study, dialogue and reflection, seeking the truth and commitment with it. Promote in teachers and students Christian humanism that enables the construction of a more just world, through the enrichment of knowledge and understanding among men.

To be the university with the highest scientific firmness and high academic standards in the generation and transmission of knowledge based on a clear ethical stance by the defense and spread of the love to truth, to freedom and to justice, always based on a dignified and personal service.

1. Strong academic preparation
2. Ethics training
3. Personalized Education
4. Attitude of service
5. Contribution to the common good
6. Well done job

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